2020 was supposed to be “The Year of the Rey Rey”

Update, my friends came through as of 8pm…but to see why I went full Hermit, read below.


It’s a me, a Rey Rey, thanks for clicking on my blog so I can update you on my life since June 2019….I’ll do a quick bulletin pointer for those who don’t like to read.


June 2019–Put on Unpaid Medical Leave by VP after I let them know they weren’t being efficient and wearing me out.

August 2019 Diagnosed with Essential Tremors

—-Company made me go through Harris Health with impossible return paperwork.

Sept 2019 Five doctors, three office managers, and two nurses by now looked at paperwork and asked what is up with my company, never seen such return to work authorizations

Oct 2019 Still kept on Unpaid Medical Leave…started working full time for Lyft

—Got scammed online, was not in the right state of mind, I blame the McRibb…

Feb 2020– Decided to start doing stand up again

March 2020—Car in shop wheel repair. Rented Lyft vehicle March 16th, Covid lockdown March 17th

Late March 2020-May 2020  Worked twice as much for less money, 

June 2020-Nov 2020, stuck in rental, tried to save to get out, gave up Nov 30th

Dec 2020  A few days later, after cutting my power back on again, transmission gave up.

—–Was going to get my car back on the 21st so I wouldn’t have to ask for help. 

—–Found out parts on backorder till Late Jan/Feb 2021 (Warranty Work Blues)

—–raising money for phone and internet, no good mobile network in Acres Homes houses

—–But majority will go to Rental Deposit, agreement, and gas for the last week in Dec since all that is paid upfront.


Thanks for reading…you can still say Hi to me, Rey Rey the Hermit Crab.